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Why use an IEC?

What's special about an Independent Educational Consultant?

An independent educational consultant (IEC) is a professional who specializes in helping students and families research and apply to colleges. One of around 20 Certified Educational Planners in Pennsylvania, I also serve on the faculty of Messiah College's Master's Program in Higher Education and participate in ongoing education in the field of college choice.

School Counselors work hard to help students with this process, but they're swamped. Each may work with as many as 250 or 300 students. They are often responsible for course scheduling, standardized testing, crisis intervention, and working with high risk students. I work with far fewer families, and have the time to focus exclusively on the college search and choice process. I am available during times that fit your busy schedule: including evenings and on weekends. I also work via video conferencing if you prefer.


Colleges and Universities use sophisticated marketing strategies to accomplish their goals. I can decode the language of college marketing. I can help you see past the glossy brochures, the focus on amenities over education, and discover what a college has to offer you and how you can present yourself in the most positive way. I visit at least 15 colleges a year so I see them as they really are. Here are some I've visited recently.

Paying for college is an increasingly complex process involving Federal financial aid, institutional grants and scholarships, student loans, work study, and private borrowing. There is no question that higher education is a worthwhile investment, and I can show you how to make wise financial decisions concerning the cost of college.

Finally, consider the set of ethical standards that IECs who are members of the one of the national professional organizations pledge to uphold. As a Certified Educational Planner, an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, and a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association, the National College Advocacy Group, and the Pennsylvania Association of College Admission Counselors, you can trust that my first priority is you--helping you discover the right college fit for your future.

Want to know more about HECA's standards? Read about them here:

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