Jennings College Consulting


How does this work?

The best results happen when we start early.

Not only do you need to learn about the higher education landscape, but you also need to learn about yourself: your strengths, your skills, your dreams.

Comprehensive consulting allows us to develop a real relationship. I get to know you and we take the time to explore every facet of the college choice and decision process. We'll meet regularly, usually for an hour each time, once or twice a semester during sophomore and junior years, and weekly during the summer and fall of senior year. Comprehensive consulting includes between 15 and 30 sessions, and you can email me, text me, or call me as questions occur to you.

It also includes access to CustomCollegePlan, a powerful shared online college research and communication platform where your files, resources, and deadlines are organized and accessible, all in one place.

Every consulting relationship is tailored to meet your unique needs, but comprehensive consulting can include:

Goal setting & exploring strengths and challenges


building an application calendar & Completing applications

High school curriculum and transcript analysis

Standardized testing game plan


Financial aid strategy and completing forms

organizing an activities resume

College visit and interview preparation


Evaluating admissions offers and making a final decision


Some students and families may also choose a more focused approach with more limited services.

"Dr. Jennings’ guidance was an invaluable part of my college application experience. As a military kid arriving in Carlisle Junior year, I knew next to nothing about applying to college. When others neither fully understand nor empathized with my unusual situation, Dr. Jennings was my mentor, advocate, and support structure. Her personal counsel and deep understanding of the application process were invaluable to my selection of and admission to my top schools."

SB, Bucknell University