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Self Survey for the College Bound

Sometimes you need to take a big step back and learn more about yourself before you can learn about what college is right for you.

This survey, developed by Dr. Steven Antonoff, can help you do that. Use it to discover more about what matters to you as a student, and whether you're ready for college.

Find the survey here:

Self Survey for the College Bound

Researching Colleges

Learning how to separate the advertising from the reality is important in making any major decision. Learn more here:

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BA or BFA?

So which is right for you? Try answering the following questions by circling the appropriate number from 1 to 7, where 1 = strongly disagree and 7 = strongly agree.

1. I absolutely cannot imagine being anything other than a professional dancer.

2. I want to learn about as many different subjects as I can in college.

3. I am a dancer, and I want to spend my life performing.

4. I really enjoy spending time in classes in literature, history, social science, etc., listening to lectures and engaging in discussions.

5. Except for being onstage, I'd rather be in dance class, or acting class, or choir than anyplace else in the world.

6. I need lots of solitary time, to think and to write.

7. I need to be active and busy all the time.

8. I am really torn between doing a BA or a BFA degree in Dance.

Now add up your scores on the even questions and the odd questions. If your score on the odd questions is significantly higher than your score on the even questions, then you're probably going to be more comfortable in a BFA program. If your even score is significantly higher than your odd score, then you probably want to be in a BA program. And if your scores are more or less equal, you probably want a BFA program that will allow you to explore other subjects.

Working with an Independent Consultant

Working one-on-one with a qualified college admission consultant can provide support and guidance for your college search. Find out more!